Why Frequent Travelers Use Traveloka App to Book Flights

Frequent travelers are always looking for ways to cut costs when they travel. And the two most expensive costs of travel are usually airfare and hotels. There are various ways you can travel on a budget such as availing of seat sales, staying in cheap hostels or couchsurfing. But sometimes, you’re faced with last-minute trips where you need to make airline and hotels bookings quick and fast.

One way you can still save in this scenario is to use a Travel Booking App. Of the various apps available for download, Traveloka, a booking app that helps you search, compare and purchase flights and hotels, is becoming more popular with frequent travelers. Here’s what some of the country’s top travel bloggers, many of whom take flights at least once a month, have to say about booking cheap flights using the Traveloka App.


A lot of travel discount sites can be difficult or time-consuming to use because you have to keep typing basic information every time you use it or compare fares of flights across different sites. According to Mich Borlagdan of Chasing Philippines, Traveloka is “more legit and user-friendly compared to other travel discount sites.” She has used the Traveloka App to book flights for Singapore, Cebu and Boracay.

“No need to waste hours just to book a flight during seat sale, Traveloka will show the cheapest flights available from different airlines. Yes, cheapest flights from different airlines are being shown so there is really no need to go to their websites one by one. Traveloka does not simply save you a lot of money but it saves a lot of your precious time too!”


The app conveniently scans flights of 100,000+ routes served by various domestic & international airlines. You may book flights with AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, TigerAir, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air and many other local and international airlines using the Traveloka App.

With Traveloka App, you can easily search for flights with the lowest rate based on your need. You can also set the parameters or filter search results based on your travel details or preference, preferred cost, airline, the number of passengers, departure date and arrival date.


According to Doi Domasian of The Traveling Feet, the Traveloka App is useful especially for those spur of the moment flight bookings because it’s easy to use and regularly provides discounts on airfare. She recently came back from a 3-week trip in Brazil, but is based in Cebu so she needed to use the Traveloka App to book flights to and from Manila.

Booking via the Traveloka mobile app was seamless and the promo codes worked indeed! And to make sure that it was a legitimate transaction, I immediately went to the airline’s official website to confirm my flight details and it’s all in there.


Travel journalist Edgar Alan Zeta Yap of EAZY Traveler attests to the ease of use of Traveloka’s interface and exclusive discounts on the Traveloka app. Constantly on the move for travel writing assignments and personal trips, he often needs to book flights at the last minute. Because of his tight schedule, he found himself booking a flight from Cebu to Manila during the peak Holy Week season, when flights were more expensive.

“Aside from app-only rates, Traveloka regularly offers discounts for all your flight and hotel bookings. You can check out the latest promotions by clicking the Ongoing Promos button on the homepage. I was able to avail of avail of a 25% discount on my PAL flight from Cebu to Manila, slashing the fare from PHP 2,088 to PHP 1,566.”


Another annoying thing about booking sights directly from airlines are the additional charges that are automatically added. According to top Philippine photographer Christian Sangoyo of Lakad Pilipinas, who flies to a different destination at least once a month, that’s not the case with Traveloka. 

I like the fact that I can book a roundtrip flight from two different airlines in one go without the hassle of going to their separate websites, searching for their lowest-priced flights and going through the motion of removing all the extra fees. Using the Traveloka app, I don’t have to remove the pesky pre-ordered baggage allowance, the set paid seats arrangements, and the usually unwanted travel insurance. My fare is as bare and as low-cost as most backpackers want it in the first place.”


Most of the time, booking flights require you to pay by credit card. Traveloka conveniently allows various payment options to choose from. Aside from the credit card option, you can pay over the counter at 7-11 and M.Lhuillier or do Bank payments (DragonPay) via BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Landbank, and Chinabank.

They even accept Cash Payments to be picked up at your doorstep for flight and hotel bookings! Bikers from Grab Express will collect the payment and users can expect the voucher within an hour. There’s no need to leave the house and there are no transaction fees involved. How convenient is that? Take note that this option is only available for Metro Manila at the moment.


Those booking flights on their smartphone often don’t have access to a printer to print out e-tickets and hotel vouchers.  According to Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer, the Traveloka App eliminates the need for paper tickets, making booking cheap flights more convenient to those constantly on the move. She used the Traveloka App to book a flight from Cebu to Manila last February. Users can access their tickets anytime even when they’re not connected to the internet.

“Aside from this booking ticket in the app, I was also sent a text message containing my booking. There was no need to print anything; I just showed the screenshot to the guard in the Cebu airport, and I was allowed to go in.”

Aside from using it to book flights, she has also uses the Traveloka App to book various hotels including several in Davao during recent trips.

These are just a few reasons why frequent travelers use the Traveloka App. Interested to try it out? You can download the Traveloka App on Google Play and the App Store.

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  3. I try to book flight from bangkok to Chiang Rai but i do not know how much is the baggage fees for 20 kilos. it is not mentioned. i can’t book the flight.

    • Hello Krishna, may I know what airline you’re trying to book for your BKK-Chiang Rai flight? But it’s really better if you contact Traveloka app’s customer service directly for inquiries like this.

    • Hello. I asked someone from customer service and they said that Traveloka has strict guidelines on credit cards issued from non-Asian countries, where they whitelist the credit card if the transaction did not push through. Their payments team can handle the request. I suggest you contact their Customer Service team directly and request to whitelist your credit card.

  4. Hi! Is it ok if I will book flight for my friends or family using traveloka app even if I am not going to travel with them? I am afraid they will encounter problem in the airport. Is it also possible to have an airline copy ticket even if we book in traveloka? I am hoping for your reply.

    • Hi Marz, I haven’t tried it for flights, but I tried booking a hotel before for other people. They usually check the valid ID of the person who’ll be staying (it doesn’t have to be the one who booked it. You will be sent a voucher copy of your booking details by email which you can forward to the people using it. No print out needed. For flights, I was told you just need to present passports where names match the ones you booked for. For local flights, bring IDs with names that match the people you booked for. You can double check with Traveloka directly just to be sure 🙂 You can inquire here: https://www.facebook.com/TravelokaPH

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