A Taste of Baguio: Paseo Rizal Mayagay

From the wide windows of the main restaurant, the grove of pine trees and the rolling hills in the distance looked almost Baguio-like. In one corner of the rustic building made of wood and bricks, was a rocking chair in front of a fireplace. The sound of crickets chirping mingled with the tinkling of wooden chimes swaying with the mountain breeze.

It’s hard to believe that Paseo Rizal Mayagay in Tanay, Rizal is just an hour and half’s drive from Manila. Before we left, I was sweltering in the heat of Quezon City. That same afternoon and evening, I regretted not bringing a jacket.

I first stumbled upon Paseo Rizal during a solo ride one weekend to Marilaque. As I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast, I ended up having a nice chat with owner Bing, who showed me around the place. This is the second branch of Paseo Rizal, as they have another branch in Morong, Rizal.

While the Morong branch is mainly a coffee shop/ restaurant, I learned that this one had rooms available as well. I vowed to go back with a better camera. So a few weeks after my first visit, Art (who had signed up for the Final Leg of the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run in Tanay) and I decided to check in there for one night to avoid having to travel in the early morning.

Located right before Pranjetto Hills on the Marikina-Infanta Road, a popular spot for mountain bikers and motorcyclists, Paseo Rizal is a step up from the usual stops along the highway. Amid lush greenery, it also promises a taste of “Art, Cuisine & Music.”  Guests can relax in any of the different gazebos scattered around the place, which take inspiration from Filipino culture, with names like Kanlungan, Tribu, Balanghai and Salakot. The huts are separated by beautifully landscaped grounds and walkways. The Tribu hut in particular, looks very Baguio-like, with a statue of a Bulul, the Ifugao rice guardian. There’s also a nice view deck where you can get a great view of the verdant mountains and refreshing landscape.

The place itself showcases a lot of interesting art, from the wooden sculptures adorning the restaurant’s main building, to paintings by local artists decorating the casitas. In the patio right by the stairs leading up to the entrance is a bas relief wall art depicting historical landmarks and rural scenes. The fireplace in the restaurant really adds to the Baguio-vibe.

The coffee shop and restaurant doubles as an arts venue and music bar for special gatherings. Live music and acoustic shows are offered during weekends and concerts have been held here, with performances by indie musicians like Noel Cabangon. While we were having lunch, a folk musician was strumming beautiful renditions of classics by Cat Stevens, Bread, and the Beatles.

In terms of cuisine, Paseo Rizal doesn’t disappoint either. While most riders would probably be satisfied with eating at fast-food joints before heading out to Marilaque or the no-nonsense carinderias along the highways, Paseo Rizal is a great food pit stop. They serve very affordable silog meals and a wide range of Pinoy favorites like adobo, crispy pata and bulalo, suitable for large groups of road-trippers and hungry bikers. Meals are affordable with tapsilog meals costing less than P100 and their T-bone steak just P120. Their latest offerings even include Western surf and turf platters and Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce and capers. [Paseo Rizal Mayagay Menu]

The rooms are cozy and tastefully decorated. I found the small details like a bowl of flowers on the sidetable and the welcome basket of fresh fruits to be very nice touches. The rooms come with a private balcony where you can enjoy the crisp breeze and write without any distractions. Writers who want a serene retreat where they can scribble and type in peace definitely need to check it out. Rooms also come equipped with a TV and hot water in the bathrooms and are inclusive of breakfast for two. Room rates range from P1,800 – P2,200 for 24 hour use.

If you’re based in Manila and just looking for a pleasant pit stop for a weekend ride or a place to get away for the weekend, Paseo Rizal is a great option. The refreshing climate, good cuisine and great view along the way is a promising alternative to Tagaytay.

As a testament to how Baguio-like the place is, we encountered the cast and crew of Star Cinema’s film shooting “One More Try” starring Angel Locsin during our visit. According to one of the crew members, they had to film some extra scenes originally shot in Baguio and the pine trees there were just the perfect backdrop. I am including this piece of information to lure people googling “Angel Locsin” to view my site :p The movie (which has scenes shot in Baguio and Benguet) is coming out this December in time for the Metro Manila Film Festival.

UPDATE: January 2015

Paseo Rizal is now one of my favorite stopovers for solo weekend rides. During recent visits, I noticed that they have a small art gallery and gift shop called “Kalingang Pilipino” on the ground floor of the restaurant. Very nice collection of folkloric artwork, paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces by local artists for sale here. I also like the addition of notes pinned up on a clothesline from previous visitors.

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Paseo Rizal Mayagay is located along the Marikina-Infanta Road, Mayagay, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. Travel time from Quezon City to Paseo Rizal is roughly 1.5 hours through Marilaque. Paseo Rizal is open as a venue for retreats, parties and special events. They also have a branch in Morong. For inquiries and reservations, visit the following:

19 thoughts on “A Taste of Baguio: Paseo Rizal Mayagay

  1. Hello Kara,

    It’s my first time to read your post while looking for a place to stay this coming weekend. Thank you for the information. Will let you know should we decide to stay here as well. More power. :o)

  2. Hi there. I was reading your posts. And I think you had a great time there. I just wanna ask help from you. Im Jayka btw. Im from Baguio. I wanted to join this Nature’s Discovery Run on May 25, 2014 sa Rizal St., Sampaloc, Rizal. The BIG problem is I dont know how to get there for the race from here and I badly want to join. I dont have anyone to accompany me on my travel and Im not used to traveling to places far from here since Im closely monitored by my parents since I was a child. I dont get to see beautiful places. Since Im a running enthusiast and I want to try running in a different place.

    • Hi Jayka. Based on their website FAQ, the race organizers are providing shuttle buses from Mandaluyong Boni Ave. Circle in front of Jollibee, Quezon City Circle in front of City Hall, and Masinag in front of Mercury Drug Store. Getting there by public transportation: “You can take Jeeps and shuttle from Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong going to Tanay and then take tricycle going to Sampaloc. There are Jeeps available at Cubao going Cogeo from there you can take Jeep going Sampaloc. The Cogeo jeep is available only from 5 am to 7 pm so it is suggested to take this only if runners plan to take resorts hotels or camp at the venue from May 24, 2014.” Please make sure you have done the proper registration procedures and booking for your shuttle, accommodations, etc. if you plan to join the race. I also recommend that you ask permission first from your parents before you join 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. I hope though I’ll have the chance in the future. I think my option to join on May 25 will only be as good as a dream right now. Thank you though. God bless!

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  4. Hi! What a nice review of the place. Just in time for our mother’s day celebration over the weekend. Thanks by the way for this post!

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  6. Hi Kara! Maggie here! thanks for the post and nice reveiw, Im planning to visit Paseo Rizal, but I dnt know how to get there if ill be coming from Antipolo Proper?

    • Hi Maggie. From the Antipolo proper, go down to Sumulong Highway, then turn on the road going to Cogeo. Just follow the road passing Palo Alto, Garden Cottages & Sierra Madre Resort. Paseo Rizal is before Pranjetto Hills before you reach the town proper of Barangay Sampaloc. Please see this link on Google Maps.

    • Hi Edna, no need to make a reservation. I’ve always been able to go there without any problems unless they have an event scheduled that day. I suggest you call the contact numbers or contact them on their FB page linked at the end of the post.

  7. Very relaxing place! It has great views and each corner is instagram worthy! The place has great views you can do photoshoots there. The last time I went to Paseo Rizal – Mayagay I just reserved through their website http://www.paseorizal.ph and they responded nicely to my inquiries ?

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