Kawayan Farm in Pililla, Rizal

One of my favorite dining destinations along the Manila East Road is Kawayan Farm in Pililla, Rizal. Situated on a hilly landscape overlooking the scenic Laguna Bay, this is a popular spot for cyclists, motorcycle riders and road trippers. It’s an easy enough drive to via Marilaque and you can get here in about two hours from Quezon City, making it an ideal stop for late breakfast or lunch during weekend or day trip rides.

Stopover at Garden Cottages on the way to Kawayan Farm during a weekend ride

As the name suggests, the farm is home to various species of bamboo. All the structures around the farm are made of bamboo as well.

The place is family-friendly too. There’s a small children’s playground with monkey bars, a swing and a slide on the grounds. There’s even a small chapel and massage huts. There are also a few gazebos and huts scattered about the grounds where road trippers can rest.

But the best attraction here is that the farm also manages a restaurant that serves Filipino fare. There’s an enclosed dining space near the entrance that can seat larger groups, while the airy dining spots with bamboo walls and floors at the back are ideal for families or smaller groups.

Compared to some of the other smaller restaurants or carinderias along the route, the food at Kawayan Farm is admittedly pricier, but I think the rates are still reasonable. Expect to spend P500-P600 for 2 people. If you are after comfort, ambiance and decent restrooms, this is a good pitstop choice.

If you want to stick to the restaurant’s specialties, they serve a few dishes that make use of bamboo shoots including labong (a spicy Bicol express dish) and lumpia (egg roll filled with lettuce and bamboo shoots).

The binakol, native tinolang manok cooked with coconut meat, is also a bestseller. For drinks, it’s best to order fresh buko juice that you can drink straight out of the shell or fruit shakes, which are pretty refreshing after a long drive.

If you’re not that adventurous when it comes to food, some of the more traditional dishes on the menu include tapisolog, sisig, sinigang, and crispy tilapia.

Kawayan Farm also sells different bamboo seedlings here including white, yellow, black, Chinese, Buddha, and giant varieties. They also sell expensive bamboos used by landscapers in their masterpieces.

The distance from the city, clean and green surroundings and delicious fare really makes Kawayan Farm an ideal spot for a quick day trip getaway.

Kawayan Farm Restaurant. Km 63 East Road, Brgy. Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal.

NOTE: This feature was also published in Philippine Tourist Destinations Magazine November 2012 issue. [MORE PHOTOS HERE]

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  1. i was able to appreciate the ‘nature’ thru your blogs. can you recommend secluded places overlooking mountains or waterfalls just right for meditation for around 15-20 persons? just around 1-2 hours car drive from manila so that we can also get back the same day. A bit of hiking would be good. thanks

    • Hi. Check out this post and this. For meditation, I would suggest either Ten Cents to Heaven in Tanay, Rizal or Symbios Wellness Spa in Timberland. Both are secluded, with great views and facilities to handle groups and are relatively near Manila (less than 2 hrs drive). Symbios Wellness Spa in particular really caters to meditation retreats.

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  5. Hi!

    I’d like to know where exactly is Kawayan Farm Restaurant. Is this near the Pillilla Windmills? I can’t find the resto in Google Maps. Thanks a lot! Very nice and informative blog you have here! 🙂

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