Discovering Bontoc in Batangas

After covering a biodiversity expedition in the Verde Island for a news story, I got to visit this really cool diving resort called Bontoc in Batangas Bed and Breakfast (BBBB) to interview Romeo Trono of Conservation International. The cozy resort definitely warranted a feature of its own. For more information on the place itself, please read the feature published in Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Bontoc or Batangas? Both! Below are a few more photos of the place.

View of Mt. Gulugod-Baboy from the BBBB’s balcony

Anito carvings and a glass bead curtain leading to the kitchen

The stairs leading to the loft in the Ifugao-themed room

One of the tables in the balcony area

The cozy sala/dining area

The mountain meets the sea in the resort’s unique details

The structure of the resort, stone walls, wood carvings and other details int the resort are all Igorot-made

One of the two Ifugao-themed loft rooms on the top floor, which has a master’s bedroom and extra mattresses in the loft

The bathroom has a quirky coconut shell showerhead and stone paved flooring; lights are made from used wine bottle

The loft room offers a great view of the ocean

Fresh yellowfin tuna sashimi (appetizer)

Dinakdakan (grilled pork),  banana blossom salad, beef with garlic/inihaw na liempo, pako (fern salad), grilled chicken and grilled prawns

The food is beyond excellent. Ask anyone who has stayed there and they will probably rave about everything. Even though I don’t dive (yet), I would go back there for the weekend just to eat dinner.  I can’t even say what my favorite dish was because all the food was so good. Plus, how can you resist drink-all-you-can rum-coke? BBBB is a great weekend getaway not that far from Manila. It’s located in Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas. For more information, check out the resort’s Facebook page: Bontoc in Batangas Bed and Breakfast.

UPDATE (4/19/2012): Here’s a link to a location map to the place

11 thoughts on “Discovering Bontoc in Batangas

  1. Great article Kara! thanks so much. Hope to see you again soon so we can tell you more of our life stories and so you can show me how much of the drink-all-you-can rum-coke you can take!

    Bring along some friends and you get the weekend FREE!



    • wow, thanks sir romy! glad to hear you liked the article. will definitely take you up on your offer sometime 🙂 mahaba-habang inuman yan! 😀 hehe. thanks to rina for taking us there 🙂

    • Hi daHappyBee. Thanks for visiting my blog. We rode a van going there so unfortunately, I can’t give you instructions how to commute to the place. Please contact the owners at 0917-8144703 or ask through their FB page (link above). It would be good to check if they still have rooms available, since a lot of people seem to be planning their Holy Week vacations. 🙂 Good luck.

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