How Video Games can Inspire Wanderlust

There’s something about traveling that’s kind of like playing an open-world exploration video game. You can choose your own adventure, select the areas of the country or the world that you want to explore, savor the journey itself or just pass by to visit as many places as possible, and go on self-imposed quests and sidequests along the way.

Actually the name of my blog “Travel Up” is inspired by the whole video game concept of “Leveling Up.” My motorcycle’s name is Chocobo, a creature from the Final Fantasy universe, which usually allows characters to explore areas faster than if they go on foot, and access hard-to-reach areas. I consider every trip and ride as a way to earn travel EXP points.

  • First game ever played: Games in the 101-in-1 cartridge (Mario, Galaga, Contra)
  • Preferred genre: RPG/Action-Adventure
  • Favorite game/s: Final Fantasy series, Okami, StarOcean series, Legend of Legaia
  • Currently playing: Skyrim, Diablo III

I asked a few fellow travel bloggers, who also happen to be recreational gamers, if they’ve ever been inspired to travel  because of video games as well, and was happy to find some kindred spirits.


“The Longest Journey” and “Grim Fandango” were adventure games that inspired me to explore and travel. Though I wasn’t able to explore the places in the games, the feel of adventure was there. Sagada was my first solo travel and games like these inspired me to start my own adventure.” 

  • First game ever played: Pac-Man would count? Hehe but on consoles, it would probably be Contra Comando, followed by Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Rockman.
  • Preferred game genre: RPG would be my first choice, followed by Adventure and puzzle, then first person shooters
  • Favorite game/s: Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Elder Scrolls Series (Daggerfall) and Deus Ex
  • Currently playing: I’m into Mobile Gaming a lot these days. Enjoying the Infinity Blade series and also Heroes Call on iPad
  • TRIVIA: The name of Ferdz’s blog “Ironwulf” was what he usually named his RPG characters. (Read about it here)


“During college and later when I was working, I did enjoy role playing games especially the Diablo series, Heroes of Might and Magic as well as Civilization game which made me
addicted and spent countless hours even till morning infront of the computer. I’m not really a hardcore gamer and not really sure if it inspired me to travel because its a bit different but by the fact, especially Diablo, there’s this sense of adventure, which mirrors what I like when traveling, it might have been there, subconsciously.”

  • First game ever played: Diablo
  • Preferred genre: Role Playing and that Civilization genre
  • Favorite game/s: Diablo
  • Currently playing: Will soon be playing Diablo III
  • TRIVIA: Estan is one of the very few travelers in the country who has visited all 80 provinces in the Philippines.

GRACE CECILIO / Pinay on the Move

“I would say playing a lot of the Japanese Video games on Nintendo like Mario Brothers and Street Fighter made me want to go to Japan to check out who makes these games. I
eventually was able to go to Tokyo! It was a great experience in terms of getting exposure to their culture. Most people do look like the characters on the video game!”

  • First game ever played: Galactic Attack on Attari!!!
  • Favorite game/s: COD Modern Warfare, Bioshock, Katamari Damacy, Mario Brothers
  • Currently playing: COD Modern Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies

CEDRIC SOLIDON / Gala Pinoy Redux

“Skyrim. It doesn’t inspire me to go somewhere particular but it reminds me to get out of the regular path and explore stuff that are out of the way. Whether I meet a troll, draugr, or a potential ally, the exploration and the experience makes the wasted time worth it.”

  • First game ever played: Can’t remember exactly but it’s either Mario or Twin Bee.
  • Preferred genre: RTS, FPS
  • Favorite game/s: Red Alert 2, NBA Live (90s), Crusader: No Regret
  • Currently playing: Skyrim

Any other gamers out there who would like to share their real life/virtual adventures? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Photo Credits: Final Fantasy XIIIDreamfall: The Longest Journey, Civilization III, Street Fighter, Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls. Photos of bloggers from their respective Facebook pages. 

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9 thoughts on “How Video Games can Inspire Wanderlust

    • Hi Aleah! Are you currently playing anything now? I should have asked you to contribute to this post. I wasn’t sure who among PTB were gamers, except for those who commented on video-game stuff I wrote previously. 🙂

    • Hey Christian, you’re an FF fan din pala! Never had an Atari, but my first console was FamCom. I guess you’re too busy traveling and blogging these days to play 🙂

  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog while looking for online write-ups about Malabsay falls (hehe) which I can link up to my blog post about my recent trip to Bicol.

    I get excited everytime I find a fellow Pinay who is into video gaming. I don’t lurk local gaming forums so its a treat whenever I stumble upon another local gamer girl, hehe, and someone who also loves RPG at that! (Although for the past 3 years or so, I became addicted to FPS games — you can find me screaming in front of my tv playing hours of Call of Duty multiplayer in the wee hours of the morning).

    I love this post, this is sooo true! And yes, RPG games like FF, Legend of Zelda and Skyrim just makes you want to go out there. Hmm, now that I think about it, I actually got into Airsoft because of the Call of Duty series, hehehe. We would travel out of town and play at “jungle” terrains, haha. Btw, currently playing COD: Black Ops 2. 😉

    • Hi Sarah! Wow, it’s so great to hear from a fellow Pinay gamer. Not really into FPS as much as RPGs, though I do like Left4Dead. I have Call of Duty, but haven’t started that yet. Interesting that you mention airsoft, I wrote about playing airsoft in Baguio and felt like I was in a game of Counterstrike 🙂 Jungle terrains FTW. Haha. Playing Assassin’s Creed is making me want to learn parkour. Will check out your blog!

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