The Character of Custom Bikes

Motorcycles have distinct personalities. Stock underbones and scooters are your dependable workhorses, the best when it comes to the daily grind. Except for a few high-end brands, most are pretty average-looking. Everyone has them. They blend in with the crowd and they get the job done, especially when it comes to snaking through the city’s gridlock. Custom bikes have a bit more character.

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Fenrir: A Final Fantasy Custom Bike

I bought my scooter five and half years ago, about the same time I started this blog. The red and white Yamaha Mio Fino you see on the blog header is Chocobo, named after the gigantic bird-like creatures in the Final Fantasy video game universe which protagonists use to explore the world. Chocobos provide a faster way of getting from Point A to Point B than going on foot. They give you access to hard to reach areas, and open up new areas to explore.

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How Video Games can Inspire Wanderlust

There’s something about traveling that’s kind of like playing an open-world exploration video game. You can choose your own adventure, select the areas of the country or the world that you want to explore, savor the journey itself or just pass by to visit as many places as possible, and go on self-imposed quests and sidequests along the way.

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Shutterbugged: Real Life Cactuar

Starting this month, every Friday I’ll be uploading snapshots of geek references spotted during travel, funny signs, and just stuff I find cool.

To start off, here’s a plant that bears a striking resemblance to Cactuar, a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. Extremely agile and tough to hit, these critters use “1000 Needles” as their main attack.

The real plant labelled “Old man” was spotted in a cactus farm in Dasoland Adventure Park, Dasol, Pangasinan.