I got featured on GMA’s Motorcycle Diaries!

“Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.” – Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

I started this blog exactly two years ago when I was seriously bitten by the travel bug. It was also about that time when I bought and learned how to drive my scooter Chocobo. Since then, I’ve been pursuing my different passions – travel, photography and motorcycling. For some reason, just doing what I love has paid off. I’ve been able to earn enough from freelance writing and photography in print media and through this blog. The best part is that I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m out there traveling or on assignment.

Sometime last month, I got a message from Raymond, a program researcher of Motorcycle Diaries ni Jay Taruc, a weekly documentary show about motorcycling and social issues that airs on GMA News TV. They were working on an episode about Philippine Photography and were featuring several notable Pinoy photographers and a few differently-abled photographers who managed to overcome adversity and pursue their passion. To fit the show, they wanted to include a photographer who was also a motorcycle enthusiast in one segment.

The researcher apparently found my blog through the Philippine Center for Photojournalism’s site. He said he was clicking at all of the names on the list of PCP members, and when he got to my page and saw my blog banner, he said “Ito na ito.” (Really glad that I got a banner designed by The Creative Dork). Due to production deadlines, they only had that Sunday and Monday morning to shoot. The next day, I was bound for Corregidor for a walking tour, and on Monday I was supposed to visit a wellness spa for a media tour of the place for a health magazine. Numerous calls, texts, and emails throughout the day, a pre-interview by phone, discussions of where to shoot, and two days later, I found myself actually riding with Mr. Jay Taruc himself. Side by side, we rode through Commonwealth Ave and up to Timberland in San Mateo Rizal to do the interview in the wellness spa.

Seriously, my tiny 115cc scooter was dwarfed by Jay’s BMW R1200 GS. But as in all rides, my Yamaha Mio Fino didn’t fail me. It was smooth riding from Commonwealth all the way to twisty uphill road of Timberland. Less than an hour later, we were at Symbios Wellness Resort and Spa which ended up being a nice place for the shoot. With all the towering bamboo trees and relaxing surroundings, I found myself in a zen state of mind throughout the whole interview.

Check out the teaser of the show on GMA News site. And for those who missed it, here’s the segment where I was featured.

P.S. Thank you to Mel Dizon, professor of Miriam College, who organized the media tour and made arrangements with Dr. Sonny Villoria, the owner of Symbios Wellness Spa so that the crew could shoot there. (UPDATE: Full article about the place is out in Enrich Magazine’s June 2013 issue). Thanks also to everyone who watched the episode that aired on Friday, February 8, 2013 on GMANewsTV, and endured my spamming of the TV plugs via Twitter and Facebook beforehand. It was really great to hear from friends and strangers alike who said they went home early just to catch the episode.

Special thanks also to my lifelong motorcycle buddy Art, who inspired and taught me how to ride on my own and who doesn’t mind whenever I go off on solo rides. 🙂

NOTE: We normally don’t ride without helmets. This was taken just for photo-op purposes.

Photo credits: First photo by Raymond Bermeo, screencaps from show from GMA News TV & last photo by Kix Tavora.

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  1. Hi Ms. Kara. I am Tam Gabriel, Hotel and Restaurant Management student in Far Eastern University, Manila. I’m a student of Ms. Melissa Dizon, and she gave me a special project about this video, motorcycle diaries concerning your episode.. Can you send me the original copy of this episode please? I urgently need it on Friday.. Thank you Ms. Kara. I’m on twitter i gave my website and email.. I hope you could respond to me as soon as possible.. Thank you so much.

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