Top 10 Places to Eat in Maginhawa (2018)

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is one of the top go-to places for a food trip around the metro. However, the turnover rate in the area has become really high lately. I’m having a hard time keeping this list updated every time a new restaurant opens or closes in the area. To make my life easier, I’ve decided to just narrow down this list to 10 places to eat in the Maginhawa area (which are still open as of January 2018).

These are the tried-and-tested restaurants in the Maginhawa area (including Malingap street and nearby side-streets) which I personally recommend and frequent a lot. I picked these places because of the quality of their food and not just their “Instagram-worthiness” or novelty/gimmicky factor. Frankly, I think the over-saturation of restaurants in the area, particularly the food parks (there are just too many) caused many smaller businesses to close down. Anyway, here are my favorites.

FRIULI TRATTORIA – #79-A Maginhawa Street

Neighborhood pizza joint that serves really great pizzas, pasta dishes and desserts. They deliver to our area, so this is our pizza of choice when we have friends over. Hands down, the best place for pizza. Recommendations: Tre Formaggi Pizza (mozzarella, cheddar & blue cheese), Margherita pizza, Pasta Putanesca, After Eight chocolate mint cake, Root beer float, Italian Soda. Facebook: Friuli Trattoria, Tel. No: 434.1416

friuli trattoria pizza maginhawa

TOMATO KICK – #19 Malingap Street

Still one of my favorite watering holes that serves pretty good appetizers, filling pasta and rice meals and a variety of local beers (San Miguel, Red Horse, Cerveza Negra, Manila Beer) though food has become a lot more expensive.  Recommendations: Pesto marinara (seafood pesto pasta), Salsa pork, Beef fajitas, Seafood salpicao, Gising-gising, Cheesy bacon potato wedges, Pita Pizza, Skewers, Cerveza Negra. Facebook: Tomato Kick, Tel. No: 0917-8250338

GRIDDLE: STEAK x WINGS – #106-B Maginhawa St.

A travel-themed cafe that serves really good steaks and chicken wings. This has my current vote as the best-tasting value for money steak in the area. Their generous-sized steak comes with rice and sides (mashed potatoes and corn and carrots). Cute interiors with travel photos on the wall and model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Recommendations: Chef’s Pick T-Bone steak, Grilled Lime Pork Belly, Kare-Kare Lechon Rice, Beef Kimchi Rice Toppings. Instagram: GriddleMNL

griddle steak x chicken maginhawa

ROBERTA FLAVORS OF ASIA – #45b Maginhawa Street

Homey and pleasant resto that serves Asian fusion dishes. The menu has an interesting mix of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisine with a twist. Seafood, vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Recommendations: Appetizer plate Trio (Fried Tawilis, Crispy Isaw & Chicken Skin), Pad Thai, Lechon Kawali, Tinola sa Pakwan,  Vietnamese Grilled Pork. Facebook Page: Roberta Seafood Cantina, Tel. no: 3941505

roberta flavors of asia maginhawa

CAUTION HOT! Spicy Noodle House – Magiting cor. Maginhawa (across Mini-Stop)

A noodle house that specializes in spicy Chinese noodles. You can customize different elements of your order. Servings are pretty generous and they don’t scrimp on the toppings. Best ramen / noodles in the area. Recommendations: Beef Szechuan Egg Noodles, Seafood Assam Laksa Wheat Noodles; Pork Classic Egg/Wheat Noodles, Kuchay Pork Dumplings, Tsingtao Beer. Facebook: Caution Hot!

caution hot mnl maginhawa

PINO RESTO BAR – #39 Malingap Street

One of the original restaurants along Maginhawa, Pino Resto Bar serves a creative take on Filipino comfort food. The owners behind Pino also manage other food concepts like Pi Breakfast and Pies (all-day breakfast), Pipino (Vegetarian), Burger Project (burgers) and Malingap Central Food Hall right across the street. Recommendations: Kare-Kareng Bagnet, Sisig Rice, Fried Kesong Puti Salad w/ Mango Vinaigrette, Bagnet Tofu Stack-O. Facebook: Pino Resto Bar. Tel. no. 4411773.

FAT COUSINS’ DINER – #114 Maginhawa Street

A casual American-style diner that serves comfort food like steaks and burgers. Budget-friendly option for students. Not the best quality, but portions are very generous and meals come with unli-rice and unli-drinks. Recommendations: Home Style Roast Beef, T-Bone Steak, 1/3 Pound Beef Burger. Facebook: Fat Cousins’; Tel. No: 0917-8477769

fat cousins diner maginhawa

CRAZY KATSU – #79-C Maginhawa Street

Japanese restaurant specializing in katsu, rice toppings ang gyoza. The fiery chicken katsu topped with chili is a bestseller. One of the older and more consistent restos in the area serving katsu and Japanese dishes. Recommendations: Chicken Katsu, Pork Ginger, Japanese iced tea, Gyoza. Facebook: Crazy Katsu

crazy katsu maginhawa

PROVENCIANO – #110 Maginhawa Street

If you’re dining out with the family or balikbayans, Provenciano would be the most popular choice. The Filipiniana restuarant that pays tribute to the owner’s “promdi” roots by serving heirloom and original Filipino cuisine. The resto is big and serves regional specialties from Pampanga, Ilocos, Bicol, Batangas and other provinces as well as Spanish/Basque dishes. Recommendations: Sisig ni Ima (Pampanga), Kulawo ng Quezon, Sugpo sa Alavar (Zamboanga), Adobong Bicolano, Turon with Malagos chocolate from Davao. Facebook: Provenciano Restaurant

provenciano maginhawa kalesa sisig turon

VAN GOGH IS BIPOLAR – Unit H, #154 Maginhawa Street (inner courtyard)

Bohemian restaurant owned by travel photographer Jetro Rafael that serves “mood-altering” food. Good for special occasions and a visit just to see the quirky interiors and ambiance alone. Recommendations: Pres. Clinton’s Meal (Van Gogh rice with grilled Aussie lamb chop), Courtney Love’s Drink of the Day. Facebook: Van Gogh is Bipolar, Tel. No: 434.9417

van gogh is bipolar maginhawa


STREAT: MAGINHAWA FOOD PARK – #91 Maginhawa Street

Frankly, most of the food parks that have mushroomed around the metro have become copycats of each other following a specific formula. Stalls and dishes seem to have been designed around their perceived “IG-worthiness” and pun-filled names but the gimmicky food (usually nachos, burgers, wings, skewers, silog meals etc.) are hit or miss. Of the many food parks in the area, the newly renovated StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park seems to have better food options lately.  Ok for drinks and appetizers, snacks and desserts. Facebook: Streat Maginhawa Food Park

BUEN COMER POQUELLAS – Mapagkawanggawa corner Mahabagin Street

Buen Comer (meaning ‘good eat’) is a quick service street food stand that serves interesting Fil-Mex dishes. Really good Chicken Peri-Peri with Dirty Rice and house sauces. Tables are limited, but you can always take out food. Best burritos you can get in the area. I suggest you order for take-out. Bestsellers: Peri-Peri Chicken with Dirty Rice, Kare-Kare Burrito, Longganisa Soft Taco w/ Mango Salsa, Chicken Quesadilla. Facebook: Buen Comer Poquellas

buen comer poquellas kare-kare burrito peri-peri chicken

MESHWE – The Z Compound at #33A Malingap Street 

Meshwe specializes in authentic Lebanese Shawarma and Middle Eastern fare. Sadly, their quality has gone down since owners focused on their Fairview branch, but it’s still the best shawarma in the area for me. Recommendations: Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, Beef Shawarma Sandwich, Shawarma Rice Plates with Bukhari Rice, Hummus, Arabic Fries, Falafel Sandwich (vegetarian), Chicken Tenders, Muhallabia (Creamy rose flavored milk pudding topped with Crushed Pistachios. Facebook: Meshwe

meshwe lebanese shawarma teachers village


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  4. Hi! These are great recommendations! May I use your blog as a reference for another travel feature that I’m doing? I’ll be sure to properly credit both author and website 🙂 Thank you very much in advance!

  5. We would love for you to visit us at CHAMPS Restaurant. We have a broad menu that will satisfy any palate. We are located between Ted Ps and Umbul 154 Maginhawa Street,

    Thank you,


    • Hi Champs. Thanks for the invitation. Have been meaning to do a part 2 of this. Have you replaced Crave Burger? I thought that was the resto in between Ted P’s and USC.

  6. Wowow! Namiss ko mag food trip sa Maginhawa! Friuli Trattoria pa lang natry ko. Mahilig ako sa Pestoa pasta, so I guess I will love the Seafood pesto pasta of Tomato Kick. Mainvite nga ang mga bagets dito 🙂

    • Am addicted to the seafood pesto of Tomato Kick. I have it almost once a week. Let me know if pupunta kayong bagets sa area! 🙂 Would love to meet up. Dami na nga new places dito. Been meaning to blog about tea places. There are 5 different tea places just on this street! MoonLeaf, Cha Dao, etc.

  7. My family and I are going to Maginhawa St. this Saturday to check out the restos. These reviews look promising, and I’m looking forward to trying them out!

    • Hi Jillian. Hope you and your family enjoyed your food trip to Maginhawa. Some of the restos on the street (Kiss the Cook & Alfakhr’s) recently closed down, but there are still lots of great places to try out.

      • Hi! After scouting Maginhawa, we decide on Friuli Trattoria. Gread decision, too; the food was great, and the price was pretty unbelievable. We waited a while for a table, though, because the place was packed. We actually stopped there first when we were looking around, and when we came back, the guy at the door said that had we asked him to reserve a table, we wouldn’t have had to wait so long (the upstairs tables were empty then). Haha! Still a good experience! 🙂

  8. For this, I will go to VanGogh is Bipolar and the rest too. I had been intrigue by these restaurants and wanting to try myself soonest when I came back to Manila.

  9. Nag seserve po kami ng ice cream recipes, milk tea, wintermelon juice, fruit shakes with ice cream, halo halo with ice cream, chicken burger, chicken sandwich, ice cream cake, ice cream sandwich, spicy spaghetti, other short orders. parking is along Maginhawa Street, fronting Bayantel, St. Vincent School, and Sterten Place. konting lakad lang po papasok ng Krus na Ligas, malapit sa Mona’s bakeshop, bungad lang ng Krus na Ligas/Maginhawa. Affordable ang prices namin. from P15 spicy ice cream to P50 ice cream/shake/halo halo hybrid. Student meals will be served in June 2013. Please LIKE our page: Thank you.

  10. This blog is very good. However I’m not sure if you added Mexican Express which also serves great mex food. I live around the area but have not tried every resto though my boyfriend and I plan to visit most, if not all available dining places in Maginhawa. Kudos!!

    • Hi Jen, I know I left out some restos in the area as the list was getting a bit long and new restaurants seem to be just sprouting up every month! My husband doesn’t like Mexican food much so we haven’t really tried it out (we always opt for Good Burgers 2 stalls down :p) , but I’ll update this when I eat there again and get photos. 🙂 Saw a new building with a Katsu Cafe in the works!

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  12. Hi Kara, great feature on Maginhawa St.

    We’re opening a bakeshop + cafe in July, called The Sweet Spot. We’re in the new building near Camp Karingal right beside the new Katsu Cafe branch.

    Please visit us when we open. 🙂

  13. Very interesting and informative blog. We will try the other restaurants you mentioned.
    There is a new burger joint too in Maginhawa st., Snack Shack. Their burgers are pure beef and juicy. They are near Savemore in Sikatuna Village.

  14. Hi, we’d love to have you here at ROASTERRIFIC! We are located at 152 Maginhawa St. QC.

    A definite must try is our best seller HERB – a – licious Lechon. Its our version of the CEBU Lechon & Ilocos Bagnet in 1. Love the crisp and the taste minus the guilt ‘coz its Roasted! Perfectly compliment this with our Special Sauce.

    Other must try are our famous “Peking Style” Roasted Chicken, Special Pancit Canton and Chopsuey with Lechon among others.

    We also do DELIVER within Quezon City. Feel free to give us a call, 881 – 60 – 88.

    Thank you,


  15. thanks for your blog! our office is located in maginhawa and indeed i saw the booming of the street as an eat street. 🙂 want to add, roberta’s seafood cantina to the list, next to buffalo wings. they have good food, my favorite is the tinola sa pakwan. 🙂

    • Apir! Love Cerveza Negra too. It goes great with TK’s Pesto Aligue pasta. Heard they may have to relocate by next year. Hope it’s to somewhere on the same street. May branches na rin in Katipunan & Tomas Morato!

    • Better if you are coming from Anonas Station. Ride a City Hall or Fairview jeepney right behind the St. Joseph Church. Tell the driver to drop you off at SM Savemore-Sikatuna. That’s already the V. Luna Road. Beside SM Savemore is the Snack Shack. As you walk farther, you will find Gayuma ni Maria, etc. You may V. Luna Rd Ext. toward the long stretch of Maginhawa or you can always take a trike.

      • Hi are there tricycles available near anonas station that would take us to SM savemore V luna extension? Thank you

  16. In fairness!! Ina-update pa rin pala itong list. Salamat!!! Ito na ata ang pinaka-comprehensive list ng Maginhawa restos haha though meron pa ring mga wala sa list, sana maidagdag din soon. 🙂 Good job Ms. Kara!

    • Thanks Colleen. Haven’t eaten in all the Maginhawa restaurants yet. It’s a long street :p There are also some places that I don’t really feel like including in the list because I didn’t like the food or the place.

  17. Hi, Ms Kara! It’s so nice that you keep this post very much updated! I live near Maginhawa but I always come back to your blog every time I want to check out new places (eg Nuezca Cafe). Keep it up! Thank you very much. 🙂

    • Hi Faith. It’s comments like that that encourage me never to cook and to just keep eating in all the Maginhawa restos in order to update this post :p Thanks for always checking back. New additions coming soon. Hehe.

  18. I’d like to point out that Zugbu Lechon has joined the R.I.P club a few months ago and it’s been replaced by a medical supply shop.

    It’s such a shame because their food is great for the price but not a lot of people go there when Trattoria and Krazy Katsu looks more visually appealing.

  19. Thank you for this very comprehensive list! My mom saw The Sweet Spot featured on Kris Aquino’s show this morning and after I mentioned being invited by a friend to try Van Gogh is Bipolar, we immediately looked for a food trip guide and used yours! Got to The Sweet Spot, then Katsu Cafe, got distracted for a bit at Our Tribe (which sells leather bags and stuff), then spent quite a while at When Uan Met Sally, tried to stop by at Galli Village Cafe and Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace (which were both closed), and then drove through Maginhawa trying to spot other good eats for a next time. Got desert at this milkshake place called A Taste of Heaven. Hope you keep this updated for when we go back! 🙂

  20. Hi Kara! Thank you for featuring us! We recently updated our menu… Meaning, more happy kanin options 🙂 See you soon!

  21. Hi Kara, just came from snackshack and ordered half pounder burger for only Php135 and got a strawberry shake from Ice Cream House a block away from the burget joint. Unlike other burgers, you need no condiments as the beef juice
    surely brings the chemistry in your mouth. Awesome eat. Thanks for your blog, cheers!!! Benj

    • Hi Benj. Love how you described the burger 🙂 Snack Shack is now one of our favorites as well. The line is sometimes long, but the burgers are worth the wait! 🙂 Sulit in terms of flavor and price compared to some of the other places.

  22. Hi were planning to have a food trip tom with my bff..can you please help us on how we could easily locate the place….manggagaling kami sa trinoma, di kasi kami familiar sa qc tnx

    • Hi Elsa, the road right now in Maginhawa is really bad because of an ongoing DPWH road widening project that’s left everything a mess so you might be a bit disappointed. Parking is a major problem and many establishments are affected by this. But if you still want to go, just get off at Philcoa and take a trike from there to Maginhawa street.

  23. great blog! thanks a lot! any restaurant you would like to recommend? i love eating pastas, burgers, ramens, sweets (cakes)! 🙂

  24. Hi Ms.Kara! We would like to invite you to our restaurant, Alfarsi Persian Grill. Located at 2nd Floor Unit 2-1 #186 Maginhawa Street corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. We hope you can come this Thursday (Nov 7) at 8pm because we have an Acoustic Night 🙂 We would like to offer you a free bottomless butterfly iced tea as well. Just introduce yourself to our staff. Thank you!

    Our page:

  25. Love your post. It’s the most complete and updated post about the topic I’ve seen so far.I’m excited to try the newly opened restaurants you’ve listed.

    By the way, I also want to comment about the road widening. I also find the dust, traffic and all that inconvenience that the road widening and drainage project cause as I live near Maginhawa too.

    However, drainage problems cannott really be addressed isolated issues. As you can see the road to Philcoa is prone to flooding, and you can’t just fix the drainage of that specific area to improve it. Where will the water go, right? Of course, it had to be channeled to an appropriate drainage site, like perhaps to the nearby Marikina River.

    Road widening are also best done BEFORE the actual traffic congestion begins. With all these restos and schools in the area and the number of private vehicles increasing over 50% in the last ten years, I think it’s definitely appropriate. As with any road construction, closing of stores for a few days in front of the area is a bit inevitable. Setbacks like these are needed before actual improvements are gained. Anyway, the destroyed facades in front of the stores and houses are mostly on land owned by the government and are just being claimed for public use.

    I feel sorry for the chopped down trees though. And the contractor should be spanked for unsafe construction conditions.

  26. Too bad, although walking distance lang ang Maginhawa samin, (we live Matimtiman. 3:) ) at kunti pa lang ang na ttry namin. :'( . Medyo Masaklap.

  27. I’d like to add Nanette’s Snack Haus to the list for their version of the burrito and bibingka. This one’s an oldie but a goodie.

  28. YAY, a new update! 🙂 Parang ito na yung pinaka-comprehensive na list so far.Too bad that I already left UP a couple of months ago before I could try some of the new places.

  29. Hi Kara!

    You may also want to try Tea Please, it’s a milk tea shop that offers one-a-kind flavors. We have yakult flavors as well as alternative to milk teas. We also come up with different and special flavors every Christmas, Halloween and Valentines day for everyone to look forward to.

    Additionally, we have free board games on the shop for you and your friends to enjoy! 🙂

    We’re located at 72 Maginhawa street, beside Sinangag station and near Holy Family School. We hope to see you soon! 🙂

  30. True! 🙁 why do they have to cut down the trees?? and it’s just sad to know the old and bigger trees were the ones they cut down :'(((

  31. Try food at laurel st. UP diliman. We go there most of the time because of food selections. Fries, student meals, burgers etc. we love mcdoks sizzling for their sizzling steak ang yummy sisig!

  32. good burger is the place to be sulit na sulit ung 95 pesos mo tska sa friuli at kung gusto mo talaga maka mura ate fe’s ka must try ung sisig mura na marumi pa hehehehe.

    • Hi Toke, fave ko din ang Good Burger, Friuli at Ate Fe’s. Pati yung Toasted Siopao ng Tatystar sa Anonas Extension. Mura and masarap. I should probably include that in the list. Not really a milk tea fan though :p

  33. i am not sure if you missed forte, or intentionally left it out. food is good, but very few choices… cafe quezon also offers delectable cakes

    • Hi Ruth. Forte Coffee shop is closed and has been replaced by Mandi Persian Grill, which I have yet to try 🙂 Tried Cafe Quezon once but wasn’t able to take pics, so I haven’t included it yet.

    • Hi Cha. I put a star icon next to the restos I highly recommend. Depends on what type of food you’re in the mood for 🙂 My top 5 picks (taking into account quality of food & value for money) are Tomato Kick, Friuli, Roberta’s, Meshwe & The Snack Shack.

  34. Thank you so much Ms. Kara, in helping me where to eat healthy and affordable meals for my whole family! See yah!God bless.

    • Hi Maureen, roads are much better now that DPWH repairs are almost done. There are still parts that haven’t been patched up, but parking on the street by the restos shouldn’t be a major problem anymore.

  35. Good lawd! Nagutom ako kakabasa. I have tried All’s, When Uan Met Sally, and Blacksoup (owners are friends). When I go back to Manila, I’ll try more of these. Really look yummy. Thanks for compiling info. 🙂

  36. Thank you so much for featuring our store, URBAN CHICK! This year, we will also serve affordable Paella and a whole lot more. 🙂

  37. Thanks! You should try the new milk tea/shaved ice place called Snow Creme. It’s located in the same building as Sweet Spot! 😀

  38. Hi Kara, thank you for adding us in the list. Very much appreciated. We would like to invite you to try out and review our steak. Please do let us know when you are available.

    Thank you and have a good day ahead!

  39. Try the new resto along Anonas Ext. (near Savemore), The Porch by Casa Verde. 113 Anonas Extension, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

    They say it’s a good restaurant.

  40. Try Rodic’s at Maginhawa cor. Masaya Sts. for budget friendly yet good tasting meal. I think tapa is their best seller but I like their sinigang too! It was featured on tv so we tried it. 🙂

    Thanks for this post and your photos! Maybe, we’ll try those other restos/eateries soon.

  41. Good day!

    May drip po ba na dumadaan along maginhawa st.? san po ang route para may idea kami kung san ang posible na sakayan.

    Nice feature po!


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  43. Do you know where Forte Coffeehouse moved?
    Do you know any cafe or resto just like Forte Coffeehouse quite elegant but at the same time affordable, same theme and goods for musicians?
    Thing is, my sister is a pianist and she would like to try a grand piano.

  44. hi. I saw on Poptalk last night their feature on cafe nuezca so I searched about it. Luckily I found your site and this is very informative. Now I know that there are other places to visit in QC area. So far I have only tried Gayuma ni Maria.

    Thanks for this blog. Now I am craving for that seafood pasta that you mentioned here.


  45. Hi there! 🙂 Thank you so much for this post! Ever since I have heard of Maginhawa, this has been the site I frequent for go-to places in the area. Thanks also for the unending updates!

    I noticed though that you haven’t included The Iscreamist in the list. I think it’s a popular go-to dessert place almost across Chilli & Ink. 🙂

    Got to visit and try 3 yesterday and will be coming back for more, haha!

    Kampai! 🙂

    • Hi Ica, for some reason every time I pass by Iscreamist to try it out, there’s a long line of people just waiting to be seated so I end up elsewhere. It’s crazy. I will try to catch them during off-peak hours.

  46. WOW..a BIG WOW…what a very nice blog =) Im just trying to seearch google about places where i can eat at maginhawa..kasi a friend of mine told me that there are a lot of resto..and eto nga..nabasa ko sa blog mo..GOOD JOB! ganda..very informative..I hope i could be a good writer like you! =)

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  48. Hi Ms. Kara! Please come and visit Snow Creme. We offer snow ice, smoothies, fruit iced tea, milk teas, waffles and snacks. Our best sellers are the Golden mango snow ice, Honeydew smoothie w/ real mango bits, Peach yogurt iced tea, Mochaccino milktea and Chiklets (taiwanese chicken cutlets). We’re located at the 2nd floor of 189 Maginhawa st., corner Makadios, QC. Same building where The Sweetspot, Parrillada, Katsu Cafe, Wicked Kitchen and Alfarsi is. Our store hours are from 12:30pm to 12mn.

    Facebook page:

    Thank you! 🙂

    Bryan & Michelle Kho of Snow Creme

  49. Hi Ms. Kara Santos I am doing a thesis about maginhawa street and all the food joints that are currently established there, would you mind if I ask you questions about Maginhawa Street and its food establishment? Kindly e-mail me on, Thank you 🙂

  50. WOW! I never realized that Maginhawa changed as much. When I was a kid we used to live in No. 38 Maginhawa. Now I’m sure I won’t recognize it anymore. Will now have a reason or should I say several reasons to visit the street I grew up in.

  51. HI there! Nakakatakam naman basahin yung mga blogs 😀 anyway, can anyone help me? last february 14, me and my significant someone were going to gayuma ni maria. But we actually ended up at burger project in maginhawa, though burger project is a good experience and good burger also. If I am coming from south bound, laguna and I am going to gayuma ni maria, what is the fastest way to go there? I failed when we went to philcoa and take a cab and take us to maginhawa, tapos sobrang traffic pa last week kasi feb fair din and valentines, hope anyone can help me thanks 😀

  52. Awesome directory of places to try. It’s amazing how many restaurants there are in this area.

    Thanks for collating all of this information!

  53. i tasted a lot of them esp bahay kubo etc but via antonella cafe was with the best selections from bfast to dinner…superb place and nice staff 🙂

  54. I resided in UP Village for more than a year, but I didn’t know that there were this many restos in the area. I usually eat at Friuli, Sinangag Station, Grill Queen and Delish (now closed). I’ll have to try the others. It’s such a shame though that not many of these restos serve beer. Kudos also to the local public officials for finally finishing the road works. It’s like White Plain 2.0, only better. Problem is, the restos do not have parking areas. Marami pa naman basag kotse boys dyan.

    • I agree re: the lack of beer places. Some places can only serve beer until 10pm din because it’s still a residential area. Sayang din yung Delish, they had the best baked oysters & good lunch budget meals. Agree also about the parking situation. It’s ok for the people who live in the neighborhood and just walk, but there seem to be a lot of diners coming from other areas now.

  55. Perfect! Thank you so much for these recommendations. I was searching for restaurant list at maginhawa st and i found your site. i will definitely bring my special someone here 🙂

  56. Hi miss Kara,

    My friends and I are planning to go to Maginahawa street by car but you’ve mentioned in your previous comments that there is an ongoing DPWH project along the area. May I ask what is the status of that project? Will it inconvenience us if we go by car?

  57. me and my friends are planning to dine and maybe some drinks too in maginhawa, is there a place where you can just relax and have a cold beer? a nice price is a good plus

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  59. hi we’ve been strolling a lot there, were always disappointed. sayang na sa oras sayang pa sa gas. we’re always searching for ice cream shops pero lagi daw close theres this one time na after so many hours of driving we ended up eating in shakeys thanks to this, i’ll keep an eye on ur blog ms kara

  60. I wouldn’t recommend jeepney’s boodle meals. nice place but service and food is so disappointing. we waited almost an hour to be served with a meal that’s supposed to be good for 6-8 people. what was served to us didn’t even meet our expectation. quite overpriced 🙁

  61. Hi! I live far away from this area. If I were to try one restaurant here for dinner, what would you recommend to be the most worthy and affordable?:) Budget is 150-300/person sana 🙂

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  65. Thank you for this great list! Would it be possible for you to create a rough map indicating where everything is located though? Just for easier reference. Thank you! 🙂

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  67. Hi! You may want to include us, joreen’s express. We are beside urban chick:) We just opened last month. We are serving mixed Filipino, american and italian.Thanks!

  68. OMG! I’ve just found the Restaurants that perfectly fit to our tummies of my boyfieeee~ gonna need to be here on our 4th anniversary, june12! To taste the different kinds of foodsssss! Thanks for the infos and thanks to you Ms. Kara!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I’m so excited! :* 😉

  69. i will not mention the ” resto ” but it was highly recommended here so out of curiosity I invited my friends with excitement to try out some foods there and boom!i was surprised with disappointments considering the not-so-well-maintained dining area plus we didn’t seen anybody except to the two staffs who entertained us..though we didn’t try the foods coz we immediately decided to have our dinner in fairview terraces. we’ve lost our appetite anyway 🙂

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  71. Hi thank you Kara!
    We will be expanding Urban Chick this September. Will be adding a second floor to accommodate more people.
    Try the new things on our menu!

    Thanks again,
    Urban Chick Resto

    Watch out for U.C.’s Literary and Performing Arts side soon to be launched!

  72. You might want to take out When Uan Met Sally from your list because, as you mentioned, it has been replaced by Gerry’s Jeepney. Just checked it out this afternoon.

  73. I encountered a 2cm long COCKROACH in my katsudon at Food Clinique last August 24, 2014. I confronted the owners, the Camacho family, who profusely apologized and said that they just closed down the restaurant to clean the kitchen. How could they have not seen the cockroach which was mixed into the egg and the pork? How can the cook not notice that? How can the servers not notice that? When I asked everybody there (the dad, the mom, the daughter) they said they ALL SAW IT. They kept on saying “pasensya na po, hindi po sinasadya. First time po itong nangyari.” First time? There shouldn’t even be a first time! That should NEVER happen. I told the daughter to write me an incident report and email it to me that night. It has been 2 days and I still haven’t received an email from her.

    • Hi Diega, I hope the management sees your comment and your report and takes appropriate action. I’ve actually stopped eating at Food Clinique since the food quality the last 2 times we ate there wasn’t so great. I’ve just removed them from this list, as there are many other places along Maginhawa that you can choose to eat in.

      • I told the owners that I am seriously considering writing a formal complaint to the City Health Officer if they do not give me an incident report. As of today, I have just drafted my complaint and will deliver it tomorrow. I hope the foodie community in Maginhawa takes formal action against restaurateurs who have absolutely no knowledge on how to run a restaurant, let alone clean their kitchen. When the problem is sanitation standards and not just taste and service, I think blogging or commenting about it isn’t enough and we have to inform the authorities.

  74. Too bad I lost my appetite on Leona’s art, their pizza is not even that ‘mouth-watering’, and their pasta (tomato based or whatever you call it) is not even delicious! No wonder they came up with unlimited promos. I will even recommend this resto. I will choose friuli instead. It’s my first time to try leona’s and i have a bad experience on their food.

  75. Hi Ms Kara,

    Please feel free to visit Adobo To’ Maginhawa whenever you’re in the area. 🙂 we’re located at 152 maginhawa. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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  77. Hi Kara! Nicco here from Abdul the Cool. We would like to invite you and your team here at our resto located at 131 Maginhawa street, near Pethouse and before Savemore. We’ll make sure you’ll have a good time. Hope to see you soon!

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  79. Roasterific – ok ung herbalicious na 1/4 good for two, ung ice tea, blue lemonade walang lasa, pork sisig hindi rin.

    Lechon cebu – hnd n nmin sinubukan prang hnd masarap.

    Pino Resto – the best ung mango sansrival, tska honey mansi flavored beer. medyo pricey lng kasi may 5% service charge cla.

  80. Hi, Kara! =)

    Thanks for sharing all this info, comprehensive and complete. I just shared your post on my facebook for the upcoming QC Food Festival. Keep those posts coming. =)

    • It’s good that there’s variety, but I just wish restos that set-up would have a unique selling point. There seems to be a building frenzy going on in the area for the sake of putting up a business in the street. Parang ang dami na masyado.

  81. Hello po! This was a really great article! I’m craving to visit the place in the near future. However, I don’t want to experience the hassle of the heavy traffic from Manila to QC so maybe I’ll ride my bike. Are there bike friendly establishments along Maginhawa? Or somewhere safe to park my bike? Thanks!

    • Hi JP! I recommend The Z Compound on Malingap since you can bring your bike in the compound and keep an eye on it while eating (and there are a lot of budget-friendly choices there). Snack Shack (burgers) near Savemore also has bike parking. Other establishments have outdoor areas with railings near the sidewalk where you can lock your bike, though no dedicated bike parking. Enjoy your ride 🙂

    • Hi Falcon Lover, I just included a map to Maginhawa restaurants provided by another blog reader who resides in Teacher’s Village. It’s still missing a few of the newer restos, but will update it whenever possible.

  82. Hi! I badly want to visit Caffera. 🙂 Ano po yung landmark na malapit dun or san po malapit yung Dona Zenona Suites? Hoping to hear from you soon. thanks 🙂

  83. I love the food in Meshwe. But the staff there are not inviting. Kinda rude or I feel like they don’t want me ordering there.

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  85. Hi Kara,
    We would love to invite you to our newly opened resto All About Pasta, located at 45-B Maginhawa st. Please include us on your part two of Maginhawa:The Eat Street. TIA!

  86. I was craving for sinanglaw when I woke up in the morning. Thanks to your blog me & my wife was able to find one and had a great lunch today. We ate at Mixxx Vigan and had dessert at Baker’s Table. Thanks for keeping your blog updated

  87. good job keeping this updated! i can recommend Adobo To, where i have eaten at the original branch. really good and “sulit” adobo especially the one with cheese 🙂

  88. Great list! It’s now 2015 and it’s still helping people like me find places to try along Maginhawa. Thanks much!

  89. Hi Kara!
    I really love your blog!!! Very comprehensive and helpful. I even added this page to my favorites so that whenever I am craving for something I can easily search for good places to eat. You really did a great job! I am now a fan :))

  90. hi, we would like to invite you to our new restaurant along maginhawa. it’s called buffalo bro’s ribs and wings. it is located where buffalo joint used to be. thank you ma’m and hope to hear from you soon.

  91. Wow. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive guide on Maginhawa eats that I have seen on the internet, thus far. Good job! Thank you so much!

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    • Hi Erika. Depends on the number of your guests. Most places on the street are very small restos/cafes. It’s not on my list but there’s an event venue called The Village Patio on Maginhawa for wedding receptions and events. You have to bring in a caterer though. If it’s just a small event (like 50 pax), I suggest you check out Green Daisy or Nuezca Cafe since they both have small gardens. Black Soup and Van Gogh is Bipolar might also be good options if it’s a very small affair (20-30 pax).

  93. Hi Miss Kara!

    I have been researching about Maginhawa Street for a week now and this article has it all! My boyfriend and I plan to visit there for an all out foodtrip. Thank you so much for keeping this article updated. I am sure we won’t get lost.

    Have a great day and God bless! 🙂

  94. This is so helpful. I’ve been working in Quezon City for the last 10 years and I haven’t explored the whole stretch of Maginhawa St. Thank you.

  95. I stayed in UP Village for more than 5 years but I never got to fully explore the food wonders in Maginhawa st. Whenever I try food nearby, I always check this blog post. Best post about food in Maginhawa. Super helpful! Thanks <3 Keep updating!

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  97. Still the most comprehensive list of Maginhawa restos in the web. The only list I go to when I want to check out Maginhawa restos. Keep it up!

  98. Thanks ms kara, your blog is a very comprehensive guide to patrons who wanted to go directly to their fave resto. I live along Maginhawa st, with so many resto with limited time i couldn’t decide what and where to eat while in the country, but with your updated blog i could go directly to my chosen resto or even call to order before leaving home to dine in.

  99. A very helpful guide, especially to someone like Me who’s a foodie but not good with maps/locations and of course the most challenging part – What to eat!
    Kudos to you, Kara! Will recommend your page to my family and friends – we’ll be checking your page every time we think of travel and food ( No Pressure ).
    Thank You!

  100. Hi ms. Kara. Could you give us some advices on Car Parking spaces when we go to the area. Coz’ the the last time (well apparently, our first time) we’ve been the area, there isn’t any parking space waiting for us. Even in fronting the Restos we’re all occupied by the time. Or maybe because it was a Saturday aftie. IDK. Any suggestions? TIA.

    God bless you for wonderful and interesting blogs.

    Thumbs up for this one!

    • Hi Lark, the places here all started as neighborhood restos where residents could easily walk or bike to. Unfortunately, parking is becoming a problem because there are a lot of other people with cars coming from different areas just to try to food especially during weekends. My advice is to come at lunch time (or before 5 pm), park on the adjacent side streets then walk or take a trike to the restos you want to try or come during a weekday. It’s also easier to park at the restos from Philcoa to Nuezca Cafe since restos there are more spread out. Don’t bother trying to park near StrEat. That’s the major choke point and the main cause of traffic in the area.

  101. I love your blog. Me and my Girlfriend are planning on celebrating our 1st Anniversary in Maginhawa St. Can you please give us suggestions? 🙂
    Very good blog! Very informative. The owners of those restos must pay you for this blog. Lol! 😀 Double Thumbs Up!

    • Hi Yves, wish they would at least offer a complimentary meal :p Haha. Ang gastos mag-update ng blogpost na to. Anyway, all the ones I indicated with stars are our favorites, but if you want something quieter and more romantic for a date try: Van Gogh is Bipolar, Green Daisy, WUMS Cafe, The Pilgrim, Station 7Tea8 or Cocina Juan. The other places tend to get noisy and mas pang-barkada.

  102. This is by far the best food blog about Maginhawa there is! Google should BUMP this up! Complete with maps and reviews. I was looking for “top Maginhawa eats” etc as there’s so many restaurants and I only want to try the best. Now I don’t have to look any further thanks to your blog.

  103. Hi! Nice article btw. Thank you for featuring The Square and Woodchuck House. May Add that in Woodchuck House, we also offer Filipino Homey dishes with a twist. Crispy Sinigang is our best seller. Thank you 🙂

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  105. Hello Ms Kara, we are planning to drop by this weekend at Maginhawa St. And I would like to thank you for this incredible blog, very informative and I think most of the things we should know are all written here. Btw, me and my barkadas we will be coming from Pampanga to have a food trip in your neighborhood.
    Thank you so much and godbless!

  106. What cafe will you recommend that has sockets, and would be best for working/studying? Haha, I usually go sa Hillcrest but I want to try other coffeeshops din sana. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Colleen. Relatively quiet cafes that allow people to charge gadgets/plug laptops include Theo’s Baked + Brewed, The Sweet Spot and Cool Beans (no WiFi so less distractions). Haven’t been to Catabolic Cafe yet, but it also looks promising.

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    • Hi Kevin, my favorite on the street is Snack Shack kasi sulit for the price. Fat Cousins Diner and Big B ok din burgers. The Burger Project is very popular with other people, but it was just ok for me.

  108. Just want to say a big thanks for compiling this list and most of all for keeping it up to date. I also live near Maginhawa but haven’t been to most of the places listed. This is my go-to reference for sure. Thanks again! Great job!

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  111. Noticed House of Geek on Matalino isn’t here yet! It’s a Boardgame Cafe as well and it’s located near Red Hana, housed by the PM Apartments bldg. They just got a big signage, too. Love their shakes and their selection of boardgames is amazing!

    • Hi Sin, thanks for the suggestion but Matalino is already a bit far from Maginhawa since it’s across Kalayaan Ave, and I’m already having a hard time keeping track of all the restaurants along Maginhawa and Malingap. If I include them, I might get requests from other restaurants on that street. I’m planning to do a separate article just focusing on different Board Game Cafes and will include them there. 🙂

  112. I cant help my self to recommend your blog, this is very helpful and informative. I will use this as a guide on maginhawa’s foodtripping.

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  114. Hiya! I just want to comment that The Sweet Spot, Pilgrim, Via Antonella, and Wicked Kitchen are no longer open. That building complex only has a few spots left like Papa Didi’s and Skewr. It’s too bad, I actually enjoyed those places.

    • Hi Hanie, thanks for pointing that out. Just noticed they were closed the other day as well. It’s too much work to keep updating this post because of the quick turnover of restaurants in the area, but I’ll remove them from my Food Trip: Maginhawa album on my Facebook page.

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