Top 10 Places to Eat in Maginhawa (2018)

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is one of the top go-to places for a food trip around the metro. However, the turnover rate in the area has become really high lately. I’m having a hard time keeping this list updated every time a new restaurant opens or closes in the area. To make my life easier, I’ve decided to just narrow down this list to 10 places to eat in the Maginhawa area (which are still open as of January 2018).

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How to Get to Maginhawa Street in Quezon City

Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village seems to be one of the most popular neighborhood food trip destinations in the metro these days. There are a lot of restaurants and food parks along the street as well as nearby streets like Malingap, Magiting and Mapagkawanggawa. It seems that every week, a new place opens up.

Once a quiet, residential neighborhood, the whole area surged in popularity with weekend food-trippers after being featured in various blogs (including my own Maginhawa: The Eat Street), television shows and hosting the first Quezon City Food Festival on October 2014. Since then, it’s become a “tourist destination” of sorts for people looking for good eats. For those not familiar with this street, here’s a quick guide on how to get there by different modes of transport.

how to get to maginhawa street sign

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Food Trip: Neighborhood Destinations in Manila

Nowadays, I can’t stand eating in malls and fast food joints. Eating out in big name chains and regular restaurants in commercialized areas just seems so expensive. I always prefer eating in homegrown neighborhood establishments, which are usually family-owned, and offer good and affordable trip neighborhood destinations

Looking for alternative dining destinations instead of malls? Here are some of the best neighborhoods and food streets around Metro Manila with top 5 recommendations per area. Take note that a lot of these places are mainly residential areas, so traffic and parking can be a bit of a problem. To counter this, we usually just walk or bike when we explore other neighborhoods for food-trips.
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Z Compound on Malingap Street

Updated February 2016

There are now several food parks in the Maginhawa area, but the original one that started the trend back in 2013 is the collective of food stalls known as Z Compound or “The Z”, which can be found in the garden area of an old house on #33A Malingap Street. The Zone has a good mix of budget-friendly and unique quality food, making this one of our favorites in the area. It’s also one of the most bike-friendly places to eat in the area, since you can park your rides inside.

z compound good food signage bikes

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