How to Get to Maginhawa Street in Quezon City

Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village seems to be one of the most popular neighborhood food trip destinations in the metro these days. There are a lot of restaurants and food parks along the street as well as nearby streets like Malingap, Magiting and Mapagkawanggawa. It seems that every week, a new place opens up.

Once a quiet, residential neighborhood, the whole area surged in popularity with weekend food-trippers after being featured in various blogs (including my own Maginhawa: The Eat Street), television shows and hosting the first Quezon City Food Festival on October 2014. Since then, it’s become a “tourist destination” of sorts for people looking for good eats. For those not familiar with this street, here’s a quick guide on how to get there by different modes of transport.

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Maginhawa Street is located in Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. This road stretches from Philcoa (accessible through Commonwealth Ave.) and V. Luna Extension (coming from Kalayaan.) Teacher’s Village is near several universities including the University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College, which has made the place very popular with the student crowd.


By car / private vehicle  / bicycle

You can get to Maginhawa Street from:

  • East Avenue – V. Luna Avenune – V. Luna Extension
  • EDSA – Kamias – Kalayaan Avenue – Malingap Street
  • Commonwealth Avenue – Philcoa (Masaya Street)
  • Katipunan Avenue – C.P. Garcia – Magiting Street
  • Anonas – V. Luna Extension
  • Quezon City Circle entry points: Kalayaan Avenue, Maharlika or Philcoa

Please refer to the map above for specific routes.


Most establishments only have street parking, which tends to get filled up quickly during weekday after 5 pm and weekends. A few buildings have their own dedicated parking lots, but can only accommodate a few cars. You can also park in the parallel or adjacent side-streets and walk to your restaurant of choice.

Bicycle parking

Despite an ordinance requiring establishments in Quezon City to have bike parking, not all restaurants in the area are bike-friendly. Some establishments like the food parks are better for bikers because you can keep an eye on your bikes. Bring your own bike lock.




There are tricycle stations with trikes going to Maginhawa located in:

  • Philcoa (Masaya Street): Red trikes – Philcoa TODA
  • Housing (Maharlika Street beside National Housing Authority along Quezon Avenue): Orange trikes – UPTV (UP Teacher’s Village) TODA
  • Beside PureGold Jr. in Kalayaan Ave. (Malamig Street) – Blue and Orange trikes
  • Beside SM Save More Supermarket on V. Luna Extension: Orange trikes – BSV (Barangay Sikatuna Village) TODA
  • Across Mini-Stop (Maginhawa corner Magiting street) walking distance from C.P. Garcia intersection
  • Across Mona’s Bakeshop (Maginhawa corner P. Francisco)


Coming from the South

  • From EDSA, ride any Northbound bus going to PHILCOA
  • Get down at PHILCOA
  • Take a tricycle to your restaurant of choice

Coming from the North

  • From EDSA, ride a bus going to Quezon Avenue (Ilalim)
  • Get down at McDonald’s Quezon Avenue. Cross to the other side.
  • Ride a jeep going to PHILCOA
  • Go down at PHILCOA
  • Take a tricycle to your target restaurant


  • Ride the LRT 2 (Purple Line) and get down at Anonas Station
  • Ride a City Hall or Fairview jeepney right behind the St. Joseph Church.
  • Tell the driver to drop you off at SM Savemore-Sikatuna
  • Take a tricycle to your restaurant of choice


  • Ride the MRT and get off at the GMA-Kamuning station
  • Exit on the northbound side and walk towards the intersection of EDSA and East Avenue
  • Cross to the other side of East Avenue and take the jeep going to V. Luna
  • Get off at the Petron station fronting the AFP Medical Center along V. Luna Road
  • Take a tricycle to your restaurant of choice

ROUTE 4: (From Ateneo) JEEP x 2 – TRIKE

  • From Ateneo, go to Gate 2 and take a jeep to UP campus and get off at the shopping center
  • Take a UP Ikot jeep and get off at CP Garcia. Go to the side of the community park with the stoplight on the corner of Magiting
  • Walk the short stretch of Magiting Street towards Mini-Stop until you reach Maginhawa.
  • From here, you can walk to nearby restaurants or take a tricycle to your target restaurant


  • Take a UP Katipunan jeep (going towards UP) and get off at one of the jeepney stops inside the campus
  • Take a UP Philcoa/SM jeep and get off at PHILCOA. Cross to the other side of the pedestrian overpass
  • Take a tricycle to your target restaurant in Maginhawa

If you would like to contribute alternative routes, please leave it in the comments section.

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    • Sakay ka sa espana ng bus or fx na pa fairview then baba ka ng philcoa after that sa philcoa may mga trike don (color red) sakay kayo trike then yun na yung papuntang maginhawa

  2. Hi, I was looking for the office of Foundation of the Philippine Environment (FPE) located at 77 Matahimik St. Diliman Quezon City. From España how can I get to there office?

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