Ride Review: Kymco Agility 125

The Kymco Agility 125 is a utilitarian scooter in the lower displacement market. Just like its name, this scooter is a nimble machine that’s suitable for urban commuting as well as leisure touring.

kymco agility 125 marilaqueI recently got to use and test it out for a review in Motorcycle World Magazine (which came out in the July 2015 issue). I usually write about travel destinations you can reach by motorcycle, rider’s profile interviews and restaurants that bikers might be interested in. This was my first time to do a motorcycle review and I hope it won’t be the last. Here’s a quick look at the scooter’s main features.


My first impression of the Kymco Agility 125 was that it looked very sporty. Compared to some other scooter models, the Agility looks casual but still stylish with an energetic vibe. It currently comes in 4 basic colors: Yellow, White, Black and Red. Nothing too flashy but good basics. The test unit I got was a white one, with black seat and details.

kymco agility 125 travelup

The scooter has an ergonomic design that gives riders a relaxed riding position. The seat is very spacious, the handlebars are compact and the footrests are roomy. The Agility also manages to pack in a practical storage space under the seat. From the back, the tough and sharply designed rear lamp makes the Agility very visible even during day rides.


kymco agility 125 dashboard

1) Speedometer, Odometer, Fuel Gauge

The dash includes a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, indicators for lights and turn signals as well as a clock, which I found pretty handy. I don’t wear a watch, and usually use my phone to check the time, so it’s pretty useful to have a clock right in front of you so you can keep track of time.

2) Under-seat storage and helmet hook

The seat is well-padded and contains a large under-seat compartment that serves as extra storage space for bags. It’s roomy enough to fit a whole helmet. There’s also a small helmet hook to the left of the ignition switch.

kymco agility 125 helmet

3) Two-cut rear seat

The flexible seat is wide and can easily allow for a pillion rider. But the utility function of the two-cut rear seat allows users to bend it to become a backrest or support which is useful during long rides.

4) Large floor space

Another utility feature is the large floor space on the scooter where you can rest your feet. The wide floor board can actually fit 5 gallons of water and is practical for those who need to carry loads for personal or business needs. This came in handy when I used the scooter for errands around the neighborhood.  Pillion passengers are also provided with side footrests instead of fold-out pegs.

kymco agility 125 compartment


  • The Agility was easily able to weave in between vehicles on the way to Marilaque.
  • Because of the bad traffic, I had to be careful and go slow because the mirrors and handlebars were slightly wider than what I was used to.
  • The seat was also a couple of inches higher, which forced me to sit nearer the front in order to reach the ground whenever there was a stoplight. However, I could adjust my seating position properly once I started driving. It just took some getting used to. For people with average height, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • In terms of power it doesn’t disappoint. After getting past the crawling traffic and stoplights, I definitely felt the scooter’s power once I hit the twisties of Marilaque.
  • The Kymco Agility 125 is equipped with a 4 stroke, air cooled engine with a displacement of 125 cc. The engine sends its power to the rear wheel through an automatic CVT transmission and delivers a fuel consumption of 75 mpg.
  • Driving the Agility was a breeze and turning on the corners wasn’t a problem. It could easily cruise at speeds of 80-100 kph and handling was pretty smooth.
  • However, braking was a bit abrupt especially in traffic, but I guess that’s because the unit is still new.
  • The padded seat provided cushioning while driving over humps and potholes on the road.
  • As far as suspension is concerned, the Agility 125 comes with telescopic front forks and unit swing rear suspension. However, some asphalt roads are just really so bad that no matter how good your suspension is, you will feel it.
  • One thing I noticed was that there was only a subtle ticking sound when using the signal to turn left or right. I think it would be safer if the signal also came with a sound.


The Agility 125 is priced with an SRP: P65,900.00, though prices may vary from one dealer to another. Not bad for a brand new scooter especially for beginners.

kymco agility 125 tank


The Agility 125 is an all-around quality low-priced scooter that is a practical choice for Filipino urban riders who’ll be using it for their daily commute. The added features like the two-cut type seat / backrest and roomy seat compartment make it a good option for occasional leisure touring rides during the weekend. It’s a no-nonsense twist and go so it’s very easy to use even for beginners. Overall, the Agility 125’s look and price range will probably appeal to the younger, sportier riders.

kymco agility 125 travelup 2


  • Engine: 4 Stroke, 1 Cylinder, Air Cool, CVT Engine
  • Bore & Stroke: 52.4 x 57.8
  • Displacement: 125CC
  • Horsepower: 5.41 / 7,500 KW (R/MIN)
  • Torque: 9.01 / 6,500 N.m
  • Starting System: Kick and Electric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 liters
  • Braking system: FF Disc / RR Drum
  • Suspension: FF Telescopic / RR Unit Swing
  • Tires: Tubeless 120 / 70-12 130/70-12
  • Chassis: Pipe Underbone
  • Colors: Yellow, White, Black and Red

kymco agility 125 review motorcycle world magazine july 2015

For more details, visit http://www.kymco.com.ph/

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