Scenes from a Zombie Bike Ride

Old military trucks and vehicles lined the path of the muddy trail under a canopy of trees, rusted beyond repair. Overgrown moss and cordyceps-like plants sprouted from the back of one vehicle covered in decaying leaves.

In an abandoned building, only the rafters from the roof remained, the rest of it crumbling into pieces on the floor. Rusty nails, gear and a machete just lay on the floor beside planks of wood and steel pipes.

This could easily be a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.

But it’s actually a biking trail in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, a mere 30-minute bike ride itself from where I live. A military installation seems to be an unlikely place for a biking trail. But within the camp ground’s is a short but winding 3-km long bike trail that snakes through a forest and passes by some interesting scenery. With all the overgrown foliage and rusted military vehicles on the trail, biking here actually reminded me very much of the video game The Last of Us and the TV series The Walking Dead.

Screenshot from The Last of Us by

Anyway, below are a few cellphone snapshots from our zombie bike ride around the camp.

For a better account of how to get to the bike trail and other info about biking in Camp Aguinaldo, check out Outside Slacker’s post: At the Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail.

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