Gear Review: Osprey Radial 26 Cycling Pack

Osprey is a US based company that makes backpacks and travel gear designed for outdoor, biking and travel pursuits. In the Philippines, Osprey is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies, the group behind R.O.X. or Recreation Outdoor Exchange. Last year, I got an Osprey backpack as part of a Backpacking Adventure trip to Bataan. I picked the bag based on its color, but was happy to find out that the model I got is the Osprey Radial 26, a biker-specific backpack that’s also ideal for everyday use and travel. Here’s a quick look at some of the model’s features.

motorcycle manila to naga bicol welcome arch osprey backpack

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Vaude Hiking and Biking Backpacks in Manila

There are so many considerations when it comes to choosing a backpack these days. Three of the most important factors would probably be trip length, personal style of backpacking and body type. For weekend warriors and long-term travelers, a good backpack is a must for different kinds of adventures.

Vaude backpacks on wall tripologie eastwood

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Gear Review: Deuter Spider 22L Backpack

Lightweight, sporty and functional. The Deuter Spider 22L Backpack is exactly the backpack I need for my trips. German brand Deuter is known for producing quality backpacks for all types of outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking, trekking and mountain climbing. And while very compact, the backpack does not disappoint.

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Gear Review: Targus Citylite II Ultra Backpack

Losing important documents and gadgets while on the road is every traveler’s nightmare. To address this, different bag companies have come up with bags and backpacks with anti-theft features.

One such option is the Targus 15.6″ Citylite II Collection, a line of business backpacks that promise to give users peace of mind while traveling and commuting. There are four backpacks under the collection, namely the Citylite II Ultra Backpack, Max Backpack, SL Backpack and the Ultimate Backpack. The first three are designed to fit 15.6″ laptops, while the Ultimate Backpack can store laptops up to 17″.

targus backpack aiport
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Gear Review: Targus Sports 26L Backpack

I have never liked using rolling bags or maletas when I travel. I always prefer using backpacks, since they are easier to carry around, easier to sift through when you need to get something and they render you more mobile on the road. I hardly ever check-in my bag at the airport to save on waiting time since I’m paranoid about losing things. I usually carry a small laptop and camera when I travel so it also makes sense not to check-in my bag. Since I don’t have a Givi box yet for my scooter, it also helps to bring a backpack for short day trips and rides out of town.

This year, I’ve been using the Targus Sport 26L Backpack, which I’ve found to be versatile enough for overnight to week-long trips. The laptop and accessory case company is known for crafting products that are functional and ideal for both work and travel. Here’s a quick review of the backpack’s main features. Continue reading