Win a Free Trip for 2 to Batanes with True Wanderer 2017

Are you an Open Road Hero? Join the Wrangler True Wanderer 2017!

Now on it’s third year, the Wrangler True Wanderer competition is extending its scope from bikers to include all types of wanderers.

Read more for the competition details.

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Fenrir: A Final Fantasy Custom Bike

I bought my scooter five and half years ago, about the same time I started this blog. The red and white Yamaha Mio Fino you see on the blog header is Chocobo, named after the gigantic bird-like creatures in the Final Fantasy video game universe which protagonists use to explore the world. Chocobos provide a faster way of getting from Point A to Point B than going on foot. They give you access to hard to reach areas, and open up new areas to explore.

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Wrangler’s Search for True Wanderers

10 Riders. 5 Days. 1 Bike.

Are you ready to go on a journey of a lifetime?

Nothing symbolizes freedom on the open road more than embarking on a journey on your motorcycle. Like modern cowboys, riders have the freedom to explore, go off the beaten path and blaze trails during their travels.

wrangler true wanderer search philippines logo

True to its free and daring spirit that thrives on adventures, the iconic American denim brand Wrangler takes its signature denim wear to the Philippines’ wide open roads as it launches the digital competition True Wanderer. Continue reading