The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort, Tanay

With its refreshing view of the mountains and cool breeze, the Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort in Tanay, Rizal is a favorite stopover for motorcycling and mountain biking enthusiasts.

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This homey resort is very easy to get to from Quezon City. Just take the Katipunan road heading towards Marcos Highway, straight on past Cogeo market, through the twisty mountain roads, and you’ll eventually find yourself at the hotel located along the highway. The road is very well maintained and not a lot of cars pass here, which makes the drive a very pleasant one.

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I usually pass here during solo weekend rides to escape the heat and humidity of Manila, since it’s just a short drive. I find going here less stressful than heading to the mall for some air-conditioning. The lush surroundings and chilly mountain breeze beats malls any day. Just make sure to go early, so that the drive back won’t be too hot.

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The place is a pleasant pit stop, with lots of photo-worthy spots. The pine trees and colder temperature may remind you of Baguio, so gearing up with jackets and boots here won’t look so out of place. There are lots of view decks around where you can get a great vantage point of the surrounding Sierra Madre mountain ranges. The downside is that you may have to wait till you get home to post your pics on Instagram, since the WiFi and 3G signals are pretty weak in the area.

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Around the premises you can also find a small garden with a gazebo, several Greek statues, and marble columns. They even rent out the place as a venue for pre-nuptial shoots.

sierra madre hotel & resort gazebo

For those with kids, there’s a wooden hanging bridge, a zip line and a rope bridge that they can try out.

sierra madre hotel & resort hanging bridgesierra madre hotel & resort rope bridgesierra madre hotel & resort rooms

Rooms are basic, but decent if you want a group getaway relatively near Manila. It’s also a good place to stay if you’re participating in trail runs or nature activities early in the morning in the Tanay area. We stayed overnight here one night before Art’s Love a Tree trail run, and the rooms were comfortable enough. The place even has a swimming pool, if you can stand the cold to take a dip. Room rates range from P1,500 to P5,000 depending on the type or room, the number of people staying (largest room they have can accommodate 10 pax) and whether the rooms comes with a view. A cheaper alternative would be to pitch a tent and camp out here (camping overnight costs P350/head).

sierra madre hotel & resort swimming pool

This is just an ok place for a breakfast ride, though the food quality could still use some improvement. Don’t expect anything fancy. Just basic tapsilog and rice meals. You can also bring your own food and have picnics here, though charges may apply. They also recently started charging an entrance fee for guests who just want to check the place out.

sierra madre hotel & resort breakfast

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort is roughly about 58 kilometers from Katipunan to the Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort. By car or motorcycle, you can get here in 45mins to an hour and a half, depending on your pace and the traffic in the Marikina and Cogeo area. Mountain bikers may have a bit more of a challenge because of the steep uphill ascents.

scooter sierra madre spyder helmet glovesDon’t forget to gear up for the ride. Aside from wearing a helmet, gloves are a must for rides like these to protect you against the elements. Reboot motorcycle helmet & REV motorcycle gloves from Spyder Phiilippines.


  • The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort is located at Km 58 Marcos Hi-Way, Bgy. Mayagay, Tanay, Rizal.
  • Facebook Page: The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort
  • Website:
  • Contact numbers: 0908-7208234 (smart), 0917-3402360 (globe), 913-2001, 475-7320
  • Entrance fee (day tour) – P100/head
  • Swimming – P150/adult P100/child (12yr old below)
  • Camping/Picnic (whole day only) – P100/head
  • Firing Range (bring your own ammo & firearms) – P400/day
  • Zipline: Senior: P200/pax, Junior: P100/pax
  • Day camping w/ swimming – P200/pax
  • Day camping w/o swimming – P100/pax
  • Overnight camping (bring your own tent) – P350/head
  • Prenuptial Shoots – P1,800 whole day
  • > inclusive of: a standard room (for hair/make-up & changing)
  • > entrance for 3 persons (bride+groom+photographer)
  • > in excess of 3 persons: P100/person entrance fee applies


26 thoughts on “The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort, Tanay

  1. Marilaque.. the rider’s weekend paradise..!! Almost every sunday kami nagra-rides dyan and we always pass by this hotel.. Beep beep nalang po if magkasabay.. Ride safe!

      • You have Mang Vic’s bulalo along Boso-boso.. it’s not one of those fancy dine places but still famous among weekend riders for their affordable and tasty bulalo.. There’s also Pranjetto, which is a 3km ride from S.madre hotel, and beside that is Mang Frank’s bulalo-silog place which is also the frequent stop-spot for riders..

      • I’ll check that out on FB.. btw, I tried to add you in FB since I saw that ur a fellow nagueño…..and rider.. haha..

  2. will probably be going there tomorrow just to see whats all the fuss about it? 🙂 anyone wants to join? will be using a scooter to get there so you know what i mean.. need to get out of this wretched city for a while..

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  4. hi po. were planning po to go to sierra madre this coming may 3 2014 via motorcycle with my husband. hindi po b delikado ung daanan ppunta dun? my nkpgsv po kc skin n pag weekend dw po marami dw ngmmotor s tanay tapos mabibilis p,bka dw po mahagip kmi pg dumaan kmi s may marcos highway.

    • Hi Jennie, I usually ride here during weekends and on some weekends I’ve encountered lots of riders na medyo nagmamabilis. Mas marami riders pag maaga pa para di masyado mainit. If you want to avoid that, travel around mid-morning para wala kayo masyado kasabay. Just don’t rush while riding, enjoy the view, and be careful sa twisties.

    • Hi Annie, wow. Very nice pre-nup pics! The rain shots are dramatic and came out great. It reminded me of our own pre-nup shoot in the area (in Batlag Falls and along the highway). Best wishes on your coming wedding! Glad to hear that you found out about the place through this blog and thanks for sharing your photos 🙂

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  7. Ang hirap contakin ng hotel, sana may sumasagot naman sa phone kasi ang haba na ng oras ko kaka contact pero walang sumasagot, or mas maige sana may mobile office sila dito sa manila. I offer myself if they want as Im always online. Only I need also the rliable person na sasagot sa tawag from hotel

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